Monday, 4 August 2008


Its been a long day. Hannah had her stitches out. The report of the biopsy showed some nasty cells and we were told she was very very lucky we had the mole taken off and not left it any longer. Luckily all points and edges of the incision were clear. This is good news and another stress gone. As mothers, we sometimes do tend to consider the worst. After getting home from work (overwhelming to say the least -seriously need to think about retiring), the night went from bad to worse ending with a prowler on our veranda! I literally came face to face with him - and his was covered! Fear rocked me to the core, and froze for a second. Sitting at my computer I saw a slight figure out the corner of my eye pass the glass door and heard footsteps along the veranda arriving right outside my window with closed wooden blinds , the glass door beside it has no covering. He leaned over to peer in just as I leant over to see what was going on. He pulled back quickly as did I and when I tried to look again, I could make out his dark figure leaning well over the railing to stop me from seeing him. He could hardly jump, its a long long way to the ground. He'd at least break legs. I ran to get dh out of bed and he raced outside with the baseball bat and torch. We called the police. They said they know who it is and have visited him, warned him (he denied it). But whether it was him or not, I dont feel safe, I dont feel my girls are safe and we feel watched - life feels a little hurt all round.

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Narelle said...

Oh Mandy- what a bad day! Sounds like one of those ones where you wish you had just stayed in bed.

I hope by the time you read this you are having a much better day!

Hannah- so glad to hear they got all that yucky thing!