Tuesday, 19 August 2008


This Cosmo - he's a bi-coloured rag doll almost 16yrs old. He's quite the clown! And can still cutely push the 'boundaries' of rules in our house.

Here's Blackie (named by the kids for obvious reasons!)- he's about 10yrs old, and an ex-feral I re-educated. Its been a long road. He's very serious, quite shy and very nervous. He is large and loves my scraproom - his most fav place (under his blanket!)

You'll probably see a bit of their antics here from time to time!


Julie said...

what a pair of purrfect pussy cats you have there.

Love the calm page too

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

What great kitties, we both have similar tastes.

We also have a ragdoll (4 years old) called Princess, I have to fight with her over my scrapping chair as she loves to sleep in it. Our other cat is called Mother and she is an adopted ex-feral cat (approx 5 years old), she loves to eat paper and anything left lying around so we have to watch our scrapping stash, books, homework, pens, toilet paper, etc - anything is fair game as far as she is concerned.