Sunday, 27 July 2008


This is a wrap around card which I've created for Hero-Arts Comp on Flickr.
This is where I keep some of my ribbons, it hangs over my desk were I can pull one down as I need them. I have a more over on another wall. LOVE ribbon!
Here's my biggest girl Meaghan - Relsi set us a challenge at ST to use a theme from the latest CHA and I chose the female icons.

Other than that: we've been to the Bawdy Banquet (soooo fun), a reunion for 'ANNIE' performers (Paige) and to see Mamma Mia. MY GOSH this movie was amazing and us girls loved every minute of it! A LOT OF FUN!! What a big weekend!
I'm about to light my open fire in the loungeroom and settle in for the evening (big smile!)

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Natalie said...

Love your work Mandy!!!! Congrats on the Masters!!