Monday, 21 July 2008

Here is my Manafacturer of the Month entry at Scrap Therapy. (We actually had a few to choose from which was great!) I dug down deep into my stash to find this oldie but goodie of Karen Foster that I've had for YEARS! I'm finding the SB papers are very much like the fashions that come and go, then made new again. Not long ago- I used to recoil looking into my 'old' stash of papers etc, just like I recoil when I see old photos of me in the 70's!!! But like everything past, it comes round again and maybe its used in new ways - but I'm finding a lot of my old papers are re-surfacing here and there and in titbits.........I wish I never threw out some of my loved fashion of days gone by - cant imagine doing that to my SB stash!!
Aside all this - the photo is of Paige clicking away in the drizzle at Cradle Mountain.

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