Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Hannah's mole removal

This was a tiny mole that got darker until it became black and the
edges started to change. It had to be removed. The mole is the right size here to how it looked on Hannah's back. The stitches in the other photo are twice as long in real life. She has just over a 2 cm scar on her left shoulder. Hannah was sooooo brave even though I knew she was dying with fear inside. With a promise of a new book (the Complete Chronicles of Narnia) she conducted the whole thing with composure and ever since has not lifted her nose out of the book. I think - she thinks- - the whole ordeal was worth it!! It was really important that I photograph this for her as she had no idea what any of it looked like. All she could say was 'wow'!!
Her stitches come out on Monday and hopefully we get the path report then too.
Fingers crossed. xx


Narelle said...

Big Hugs Hannah- and well done for being so brave! I too have recently had a mole removed and I know it can be scary (and I know how much that local anethestic needle really really stings!)

enjoy the new books!

And big hugs to you Mandy for being a brave and supportive Mum (and for taking the pics! You'll scrap them one day!)



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